Onboarding, Payroll & Compliance for Recruitment Agencies

Onboard contractors, temp workers, and internal employees in just a few clicks. Access your entire workforce in one platform.

Where We Add Value

Worker Types Supported

W2, C2C, LLCs/corps, independent contractors, global remote workers, internal employees

Our Platform

Onboarding in a few clicks, time & expense management, compliance

Automated Solutions

Contracts, documents, compliance, payroll, W2 benefits, contractor invoices

The only employer of record solution for recruitment firms.

Use Cases

  • Consolidate EORs | Bring all of your worker types into one platform
  • No US Entity | Onboard contract placements and hire remote US based internal employees with a few clicks
  • No US Contract Offering | Expand your existing offering to include contractors without the need for your own internal team/infrastructure
  • New US Office | Staff up your newest satellite office in the US without the administrative burden of registrations, taxes, insurance, benefits, and new employment agreements
  • Reduce Overhead | Leverage LGWS to scale US operations without hiring internal staff

Wondering how it works? See it in action.

Wondering how it works? See it in action.

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